Our Current and available Kittens!

We have kittens! New babies born on Canada day, July 1st 2018! Blue tabbies, brown tabbies, a Solid grey, and a lynx point!

1 gorgeous female kitten has been born on June 12th, 2018!

Brown classic tabby female

The babies will be on hold for observation for a few weeks after birth. We will notify those on our waitlist about availability once they are available for adoption.

For more information, please contact us.

If you are interested and would like more info, or, if you would like to place a reservation, please contact us by phone at 604-791-8787 or email us at info@sylverkat.com

Warm/light brown classic tabby female (long tail)

Light/warm brown classic tabby male

(Seal or blue) spotted lynx point female

Brown mackerel tabby female

Light blue mackerel tabby male

Dark blue mackerel tabby male

Medium blue mackerel tabby male

Solid blue female

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