Reservation Waitlist 2019

The reservation waitlist is for those who have placed a security deposit to hold their place in line for choice of kittens as they come available for adoption. Families on the reservation list will be notified of availability in the same order we have received the reservations.

1) Breeders choice* (kitten(s) we may keep)

2) Elena K – Female, LH Brown tabby

3) Reed & Jackie – Male, black preferred

4) James H – Female

5) Teresa N – Female

6) Kristin K – Female preferred

7) katie W – no preferences (After Sept)

8)Hansel + Cathy W – (after December/2019)


*Currently Reserved/Adopted kittens*

Feb. 25th babies

Brownie – Flora L

Purdy- Chocolate Silver boy – Christina & Dennis

Brown tabby boy – Fraser & Lynda

March 11th babies

Silver girl – christine & Jin

Longtail silver boy – Maria & Devon

Brown tabby boy – Qiuyan L

Silver mackerel boy – Available for adoption !

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