About our kittens

Our kittens are raised underfoot, in our home. As they grow up with us, we ensure they are well socialized with other people, dogs, cats, and other pets. We often travel by car with our cats and kittens, which helps them become comfortable with car rides by the age they are ready to leave to their new homes, as well as entering new home environments that are new to them. We do our best to teach them basic manners, such as to stay off the counters and not to beg for your food while they are in our care. Our cats come from champion blood lines, and are fully registered. We often will have pet, and occasionally show alters available. Breeding cats will only be available to those who have a registered cattery and have some experience with showing a purebred pedigree cat.

Kitten prices are based on kitten quality and generally start at $900 and up to $1,250 for pet kittens. We require a non-refundable deposit of $250 to reserve kittens.

We do Not accept personal cheques and apologize for any inconvenience. 

Each kitten comes with a 3-year health guarantee against life-threatening genetic and congenital diseases, LIFETIME guarantee against FIP, HCM and PKD, a 6 week free trial of pet insurance, a minimum of 1 core vaccine, deworming, flea preventative, vet checks and health certificate/vet records, nail trim and grooming before leaving, and kitten starter kit, which includes several toys, a blanket, small bag of the kitten kibble they have been weaned onto, canned kitten food, coupons, care book, treats, and cat nip. They come from an extremely clean environment, and use the litter box extremely well. They do well in the car & are weaned onto a high quality, hard, kitten food. We often have all different tail lengths, coat colors, and hair lengths. Our kittens can leave to their new homes at 10 to 12 weeks of age.

All kittens are considered Available until a deposit is received.

Please keep in mind that we are often talking to other people at the same time about the same kitten.  No kitten is considered reserved until a deposit has been received.

Kittens will not be released to their new homes until the complete adoption fee has been paid in full.

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