Available adults

Bella – Adult female American Bobtail

This sweet and beautiful silver tabby girl is named Bella. She is a petite 6 year old American Bobtail, has been spayed, and is looking for a loving forever home. She is very sweet, docile, cuddly, and affectionate. She can be shy with strangers, but is very loyal to those she deems “family”. She is very smart, loves to play interactive toys with her humans, is great with dogs, and other cats with non-dominant personalities, and would be happiest in a quiet home, without children, and 0-1 other pets. Please contact us for more information.

Sapphire- Adult female American Bobtail

Sapphire is a loving blue tabby American Bobtail with a long tail. She is highly social, care-free, and has to be near people at all times. She is tolerant of other animals, but prefers to keep her distance; however, she will gladly keep close to her people and weave through your legs as you walk and cuddle in your lap. She may not be the brightest sometimes, but she makes up for it with her affection. She would be most happy in a mature home with no other pets, or pets who have similar personality to not engage with her.

Beeps – Adult male American Bobtail

This is Beep’s, a very special, playful, and affectionate 6 year old boy looking for a loving, special, and forever home (preferably local-within the lower mainland). He will need a quiet home, without children, and no other male cats. He loves dogs, kittens, and other cats as long as they are female. He is up to date on all vet care, including dental work, vaccinations, worming, and has been neutered. He is a brown mackerel tabby. Please contact us at 604-791-8787, or sylver_kat@hotmail.com for more information

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