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Jessie – Big girl adult American Bobtail

Jessie is big 17 lb, almost-9-year-old silver tabby American Bobtail female looking for a forever home. Her family recently contacted us due to sudden and unforeseen family circumstances which will prevent them from being able to continue to care for Jessie. We are helping them find a new and loving home for her. I can pass on their contact info/ph number to those who are interested in adopting her, if it sounds like a good match. Please let us know a little about you and the home you can provide – finding a loving and trusted home is top priority. A little info about Jesse: She is very lovable, cuddly, playful, enjoys being hugged, held, and played with. She loves treats and to be spoiled with a little bit of meat. Enjoys looking out the at dogs and birds from the windows. Fully litter trained and uses pellets for cat litter. Friendly, never scratches and non-destructive, laid-back and can be independent when keft alone. She has been completely healthy and has never had any health issues. She is due for a booster vaccine and could use a diet/feeding routine/portion control, as she should lose a few lbs. She is good with men and women, has previously lived with and got along well with other cats and rabbits, but has not been around dogs or young children. Fairly good with strangers, but may need a small adjustment period to a new home and family. New owner must agree to keep her indoors only, NEVER have her declawed, and never to abandon her and leave her behind. She is a loving cat who is certain to bring much joy, happiness, and love to her new home. Located in Chilliwack, BC – Current owner cannot drive for delivery.

Beeps – Adult male American Bobtail

This is Beep’s, a very special, playful, and affectionate 6 year old boy looking for a loving, special, and forever home (preferably local-within the lower mainland). He will need a quiet home, without children, and no other male cats. He loves dogs, kittens, and other cats as long as they are female. He is up to date on all vet care, including dental work, vaccinations, worming, and has been neutered. He is a brown mackerel tabby. Please contact us at 604-791-8787, or sylver_kat@hotmail.com for more information

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