Below is a quick summary of the main clauses in our adoption contract. Please inquire for a full copy of our contract and health guarantee. 

We ask our contract to be signed before kittens go to their new homes at the time of pick-up, or one-week prior to shipping. This contract also includes our health guarantee on all our kittens. At the time of pick-up, we will have a copy available for signing, and a second copy for you to take home. The contract states that your kittens will be kept indoors, will Never be declawed (painful and problematic amputation of the claws and finger tips), will never have a tendonectomy (surgical cutting of tendons in the toes so cats cannot use their claws) procedure performed, will never be bred and will be spayed/neutered Prior to reaching 8 months of age (between 5-6 months old is ideal), and your basic promise to provide good care, such as seeing a vet when they need to, balanced diet, etc.

If for any reason things just don’t work out when you bring your kitten(s) home, we have a two-week return policy, where we will refund the adoption fee minus the original holding deposit (300 for Bobtails or 500 for Siberians), plus an additional 200 to cover additional time held up in a non-permanent home, + meeting and screening time, and any incomplete or needed vet care. This refund is applicable as long as kitten(s) are in the same health and condition as when they left us. This also goes towards testing and veterinary health check upon reentry into our home. There will be no refunds after 14 days from the original homing date. Please know that our babies are always welcome back with us for any reason at any time in their lives. We have a clause in our contract that they can never be abandoned, resold to a pet store or research facility, or given away to a shelter. We always want them loved in a home and well taken care of.

To activate our health guarantee, we also ask that your kittens see your own vet within the first week of coming home for your own security and to be sure you are getting a healthy kitten. Of course, all our kittens will see our own vet several times before going home, but just in case my own vet had missed something, we can be sure to honor our health guarantee immediately and tend to any concerns as soon as possible, if any concerns should come up.