The reservation waitlist is for those who have placed a security deposit to hold their place in line for choice of kittens as they come available for adoption.

The reservation deposit for the Bobtail waitlist is 300 per kitten, which is applied entirely to the adoption fee of your kitten(s) once chosen.  If at any time you change your mind and no longer wish to adopt (removal from the waitlist), the reservation is refundable by half (150) for up top two years, however, once a kitten is chosen and held, the deposit becomes fully non-refundable and is used as a holding deposit to reserve your kitten until ready to come home.   After two years on the waitlist (without a kitten chosen), the deposit is no longer refundable, but can still be used towards the adoption of a kitten for another two-years thereafter. The remaining balance of the adoption fee can be paid on pick-up of your kitten when we meet in person, or one-week prior to the shipping date.  If adoption cannot proceed on our part, the deposit will be refunded in full. We usually hold the kittens for observation for the first few weeks to ensure they are all healthy and thriving, then they will come available for choosing.

Choice of kittens is given in the same order we receive deposits/reservations. You are welcome to pass on any available kittens or litters while keeping your place in line if the kitten is not what you are looking for.  If you choose to pass, you can transfer your deposit to another future litter to continue waiting for the perfect kitten (gender/colour, better timing, etc.) to join your family, or a timing that works better for you and we will move to the next person on the list. We kindly ask for a reply within 48 hours of sending the notification of available kittens, so we can move onto the next person on the list.

Availability of upcoming litters will depend on the size of the litters (How many kittens are born), what kittens we decide to keep, and the preferences of the families on our waitlist. For example, if we have large litters, we could have kittens available sooner, and smaller litters may mean a longer wait-time.  We can give a basic estimate for time-frame of when we think the next kittens will come available, unfortunately, we cannot 100% guarantee this due to the unpredictability of litter size, colours, genders, and tail lengths of kittens prior to birth, (since these are up to nature 🙂) and the preferences of families on our waitlist. Of course, the less preferences you have, the sooner we will likely be able to get your kitten. 

Success of planned litters will also be up to nature and may delay or shorten the time-frame of kitten availability. Examples: Timing of females coming into season/heat, success of breeding and conception, healthy pregnancy, and successful delivery/birth of the kittens.

Often, cats will stop cycling in late fall through early winter, so kittens may not be available through the winter months until the following spring. 

Our first responsibility is to ensure placement of our kittens to the best matching homes as possible. Not every kitten is suited to all types of homes.

Choice of kittens usually given in order of deposits received, however, occasionally kittens may be placed based on the best match possible. If we believe a good match, or vice versa, on rare occasions we may move up your adoption if we see a perfect fit, or postpone your adoption if owner/home situation + available kitten are not suitable for the best possible relationship. For example we will not place a shy kitten in a boisterous busy home with multiple family members, nor an energetic needy kitten with someone who works most of the day. We may choose to place a low energy, independent kitten with someone who is not home much, or a needy kitten with someone who is home all day. It takes a special kitten for someone who is looking specifically for emotional support. Our main goal is to ensure long-term happiness of both the kitten and owner/adopter.

From Canada, our preferred method to receive deposits is e-transfer to our personal email “”, money order, or certified cashiers cheque sent via regular mail to our home address.

From the US, our preferred method to receive deposit is money order or certified cashiers’ cheque sent by mail to our home address. Unfortunately, Canada does not have “Venmo”. On occasion, we may accept wire transfer or PayPal payments for deposits only, if sent with inclusion of the PayPal fees (based on percentage), or, it can be sent under the option of “gift” to cover these fees. Please inquire for wire or PayPal details, if needed.

The remaining balance of adoption fees can be paid on pick-up of your kitten when we meet in person, and we accept cash, e-transfers, money order, and certified cashiers cheque.

Please make any cheques/money orders out to my personal name “Sarah Lozada”.

If a deposit is sent in the mail, please let us know and we will reserve a place for you on the waitlist until it arrives.