Do you need to have your kitten shipped or delivered / Can you pick up your kitten in person? 

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and experience with cats: 

When are you looking to adopt? (Time frame)? 


Do you prefer gender, coat colour, pattern or length? 


Are you interested in an American Bobtail or Siberian Forest cat?  Why do you choose this breed?

Who are you adopting this kitten for?

Could you, or anyone in your home, be allergic to cats? 


Do you plan to de-claw?

How would you describe your ideal cat? 

Have you owned a cat before, and for how long?

If you currently have a cat, please describe his/her diet, feeing routine, and brand(s) of food.  Would you accept feeding/brand suggestions and advice regarding proper diets for cats?

Have you ever had to re-home your cat, or surrender your cat to a shelter or SPCA? If so, why?

What other pets (including other cats) or livestock do you currently have? Are they good with (other) cats?

Are you ok with confining the kitten to a bedroom for the first week to ensure his/her safety, and ability to locate the litter box?

Do you have an enclosed area you can “kitten-proof” and keep you kitten during the introduction period to your home? 

Do you plan to keep the kitty indoors only? Outdoors? inside with outdoors access? Outdoor enclosure? 


Please describe what kind of home and area you live in. e.g., on a main street? do you live in a house on city lot, or acreage? if you are renting, have you asked your landlord about owning pets?  


Do home windows and doors have screens?

Do you have children? If so, what are their ages and experiences with animals?

Where will your new kitten sleep?

Where would kitty stay if you went away on vacation? Come with? Boarding? Stay with a friend or family member? House sitter? Other? (Please specify)

Where will your new kitten stay when you are not home? Confined area? Crated in a kennel? Run of the house? Outside?

How many hours a day will your new kitten be home alone? How much time do you have available to spend with your new kitten?  

Will someone be able to stay home with your kitten for the first day or two while s/he adjusts?

Are you prepared to have your kitten spayed/neutered as soon as your kitten is the appropriate age for surgery? (Between 4+ and 7 months)

Are you prepared for the responsibility and expense of caring for this kitten? Ex. vet expenses, high quality food, litter, keeping a clean litter box, providing fresh water daily, etc.

Do you currently have a vet? Will you provide pet insurance for your kitten?

Additional comments or Questions?