About Siberians

Siberian Forest Cats are a medium to large size, longhaired, natural breed of cat. They originate in Siberia and the Siberian is the national cat of Russia. The Siberian is naturally built for the extreme weather of Russia, with a thick triple layer coat, a stocky appearance, a barrel chest, and large rounded paws. They are agile and powerful, with large bone structure and heavy musculature. The Siberian can take up to five years to mature, with females generally being smaller than males. The general impression of the body is one of circles and roundness, rather than rectangles and triangles. Siberians do shed, with periods of heavy shedding between seasons, thus require regular grooming/brushing. Their coats come in all patterns and traditional and pointed colours, with or without white, and their coat may have seasonal variations depending on the climate they reside.

For a full description of the Tica breed Standard, please view the link below.

Siberians are laid-back, non destructive, and have medium energy requirements while remaining playful and alert. They are extremely social, friendly, confident, fearless, and affectionate, and have been known to enjoy water. If raised and socialized well, they make wonderful family cats, socializing with all family members including adults, children, visitors, other cats, and family dogs. They are a quiet breed that expresses itself in a melodic way through sweet mews, trills, chirps, and lots of purring. All types of toys intrigue them. Some learn to play fetch, while others are intrigued by the moving cursor on the computer screen or sit and watch, entranced, as you type. 

Life expectancy of a Siberian Forest cat is 18-20 years. However, all cats have the potential to develop genetic health problems, just as all people have the potential to inherit a particular disease. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) is the most common form of heart disease in cats. It causes thickening (hypertrophy) of the heart muscle, and has been known to develop in the Siberian cat breed, thus, proper screening and testing (echocardiogram/ultrasound/DNA testing) of breeding cats is imperative for any Siberian breeding program. Any cats identified with HCM should be removed from any and all breeding.

The hypo-allergenic Siberian

Siberians are one of the few cat breeds considered to be “hypoallergenic”. Though no breed of cat (or dog) is ever fully 100% hypoallergenic, the Siberian cat has been proven to produce lower amounts of the allergy causing protein called “fel-d-1” than other cats. Lower amounts of this protein has been known to reduce, or even eliminate some allergy symptoms in people who are allergic to cats. This protein is produced in feline saliva, and the oil glands of cats’ skin, which is carried on the hair and dander, and is the allergen responsible for allergy symptoms in people. Regular grooming and bathing of your cat, and vacuuming of the home can also help reduce the symptoms of allergies to cats.
Unfortunately, we cannot offer allergy testing, because Siberians are not the only breed of cat to share our home, which also includes our dog. Even a low allergen cat still has the potential to produce allergy symptoms in certain people, thus we do not suggest basing decisions of pet ownership on these lower allergen levels. Because we only seek  “forever homes” for our kittens, we apologize that we do not adopt our kittens to those who may surrender a cat any time in the future due to allergies. However, if you are searching for a cat that may help reduce your allergy symptoms, a Siberian cat may be the answer.

Our Siberians

Our parent cats originate in, and have been imported directly from Russia into Canada.  We work with the traditional lines and colours of Siberians (without the pointed neva masquerade gene), and our Siberian cats are fully registered with TICA and FIFe.  All our cats are rigorously health tested prior to acceptance in our breeding program and have been screened and tested negative for FIV and FeLV, DNA swab tested negative for a multitude of genetic diseases (including but not limited to PKD, and HCM), and are ultrasound/echo and blood screened (pro-bnp) for HCM.

Our kittens are raised underfoot, in our home. As they grow up with us, we ensure they are well socialized with other people, dogs, cats, and other pets. We feed a high quality and high protein diet to all our cats which includes raw, kibble, and canned foods. We firmly believe a natural and well-balanced diet is a crucial and imperative factor in health, development, and longevity.

We often travel by car with our cats and kittens, which helps them become comfortable with car rides by the age they are ready to leave to their new homes, as well as entering new home environments that are new to them. We do our best to teach them basic manners, such as to stay off the counters and not to beg for your food while they are in our care. Our cats come from champion blood lines, and are fully registered. We often will have pet, and occasionally show alters available. Breeding cats will only be available to those who have a registered cattery and have some experience with showing a purebred pedigree cat.

 The adoption fees of our Siberian Forest kittens are based on individual kitten quality and conformation to the breed standard. Adoption fees of our Siberian kittens range from 2,000 – 2,500, with gold and silver shaded kittens on the higher end.

A non-refundable deposit of $500 is required to hold/reserve our Siberian kittens.

All our kittens are adopted out on a contract which states they must be kept indoors, and are Never to be declawed, and will be spayed and/or neutered at 6 months of age. The contract also includes our health guarantee.

Spay and neuter will be the responsibility of the adopter once the kitten has reached the appropriate, and safe, age for surgery.  We, and our veterinarian, do not perform the controversial practice of early pediatric spay and neuter of kittens, as we believe kittens need their hormones to aid in proper development, growth, and maturation. Many breeders who perform early spay and neuter do so for the sole purpose of preventing uncontrolled breeding of their cats; however, the health, proper development, and future quality of life of our kittens is our top priority! That said, we do have a clause in our adoption contract that all kittens sold as “pet-only” must be altered at the appropriate age (around 6 months) by his/her new owners and are Never to be bred; purposeful nor accidental.

We do Not accept personal cheques and apologize for any inconvenience. 

Each kitten comes with a 3-year health guarantee against life-threatening genetic and congenital diseases, 10 year guarantee against HCM and hereditary PKD, a 6 week free trial of pet insurance, a minimum of 1 core vaccine, deworming, flea preventative, vet checks and health certificate/vet records, nail trim and grooming before leaving. Registration slip will provided upon proof of spay/neuter. Kittens will go home with kitten starter kit, which includes several toys, a blanket, small bag of the kitten kibble they have been weaned onto, canned kitten food, coupons, care book, treats, and cat nip.

All kittens are considered Available until a deposit is received.

Please keep in mind that we are often talking to other people at the same time about the same kitten.  No kitten is considered reserved until a deposit has been received.

Kittens will not be released to their new homes until the complete adoption fee has been paid in full.

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