Kitten Reservation Waitlist 2024

*Our Bobtail waitlist is now open for reservations

The reservation waitlist is for those who have placed a security deposit to hold their place in line for choice of kittens as they come available for adoption. Families on the reservation list will be notified of availability in the same order we have received the reservations.

Our first responsibility is to ensure placement of our kittens to the best matching homes as possible. Not every kitten is suited to all types of homes.

Choice of kittens usually given in order of deposits received, however, occasionally kittens may be placed based on the best match possible. If we believe a good match, or vice versa, on rare occasions we may move up your adoption if we see a perfect fit, or postpone your adoption if owner/home situation + available kitten are not suitable for the best possible relationship. For example we will not place a shy kitten in a boisterous busy home with multiple family members, nor an energetic needy kitten with someone who works most of the day. We may choose to place a low energy, independent kitten with someone who is not home much, or a needy kitten with someone who is home all day. It takes a special kitten for someone who is looking specifically for emotional support. Our main goal is to ensure long-term happiness of both the kitten and owner/adopter.

For more info on how the waitlist works, please click the link provided, below:

How the waitlist works

Placement on the waitlist can be accepted only after completion and approval of our kitten application form.

Up-to-date reservation list:

1) Breeders choice* (kitten(s) we may keep)

2) Jamie M – Preference for male (deposit date July 23, 2020)

3) Nancy C – Preference for female (Mar 1, 2021)

4/5) Rebecca L – Two brothers (aug 4, 2022)

6) Lindsay K (July 19, 2023)

7) Dedra T (July 21, 2023)

8) Cindy C (nov 6, 2023)

9) Emma S-J (may 11, 2024)

10) Ashley T (June 4, 2024)



PLEASE NOTE – Our Siberian waitlist is currently closed from reservations until further notice. Once our next litter of Siberians arrive, our waitlist will re-open and we will again accept reservations for Siberians.

We will longer be keeping a Siberian waitlist prior to the babies being born.

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